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FSU assistant coach on Grayson Allen’s shove: It was a basketball play

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Tallahassee, FL, United States (4E Sports) – Florida State assistant coach Dennis Gates, who was shoved by Duke guard Grayson Allen while he was chasing a loose ball on the Seminoles bench, called the move as “basketball play”.

In a television interview, Gates added that Allen “did not make a dirty play”.

“He plays hard, he dove after a loose ball. I should have been sitting down, but I wasn’t. My intent was to absorb the contact. His hip hit my hip and that’s what people aren’t looking it. That’s a basketball play. Not a dirty play,” said Gates.

In his third game back since serving a one-game suspension for tripping an opponent, Allen crashed into Gates as he was falling into the seats late in the Blue Devils’ 88-72 loss.

“We teach kids to run down loose balls and make hustle plays,” Gates said. “That’s what he did. He was just trying to get back in the play.”

On Saturday, Allen also drew attention after he appeared to use his leg to contact Boston College forward Connar Tava in the Blue Devils’ 93-82 win.

However, the ACC said “there is nothing conclusive that can be determined” as to whether Allen intentionally made contact with Tava’s leg or foot.

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